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Our Green Initiative: Sustainable Lumber, Eco-Friendly Products

Anawalt Lumber is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability — the environmental health of the communities we serve and of the planet we inhabit.

We do our utmost to stock our stores with environmentally-friendly products whenever available.

We purchase lumber from companies that practice environmentally sound forestry methods, including sustained yield harvesting plans. The overwhelming majority of lumber we stock is certified by either the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) or FSC (FSC Forest Stewardship Council), two organizations that certify sustainable forestry practices.

We also carry a full range of green product alternatives, including, but not limited to, cleaning supplies, organic gardening supplies, energy-efficient lighting, water-saving irrigation and accessories, and household goods.

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Anawalt Lumber’s Guiding Principles

  • Provide customers with environmentally responsible products, packaging, and services, whenever possible — at everyday low prices.
  • Comply with city, state, and federal environmental laws. Maintain programs and procedures to ensure compliance. We support efforts to enforce the accurate, informative labeling of green products, and we reject false marketing claims.
  • Educate and engage employees and customers to conserve resources, recycle, and reduce waste.
  • Use our resources –- energy, fuel, water, and materials –- more efficiently and responsibly to reduce our environmental footprint.