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Natural Enemy Scarecrow® RHO-4US Rotating-Head Owl

Dalen Products, Inc


Natural Enemy Scarecrow® RHO-4US Rotating-Head Owl

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The ultimate great horned owl decoy to keep birds away by dalen naturals. Now you don't have to settle for cheaply-made bird repellant devices, low-quality fake owls or flimsy decoy owls that cannot keep squirrels or pigeons at bay. Dalen naturals patented decoy owl to scare birds is here to take all the fuss out of driving rodents, pests and annoying birds away from your deck, roof, rafters, boats, windows or veranda.


  • Hyper-realistic design
  • Active rotating head that rotates up to 360 deg
  • Repels birds and other small animals and pests
  • Chemical-free outdoor pest control device
  • Safe deterrent


ManufacturerDalen Products, Inc