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3M™ 62093HA1-C Lead Paint Removal Respirator, M Mask

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3M™ 62093HA1-C Lead Paint Removal Respirator, M Mask

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The 3M™ lead paint removal respirator, 62093HA1-C helps provide protection against the inhalation of lead vapors and particles you might encounter when sanding, scraping or removing lead-based paint. This respirator provides 99.97% filtration efficiency against solid- and liquid-based particles that contain oils. Featuring a balanced design with adjustable straps, this respirator's filter cartridges are swept back from the face so you can breathe easily and keep your eye on the job. Comfortable and lightweight, the 3M™ lead paint removal respirator is a great choice in respiratory protection when working on certain lead-based paint projects.


  • Provides at least 99.97% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid particles containing oils
  • Replaceable filters and cartridges
  • Drop down feature allows facepiece to drop down to the chest without removing the head straps or hard hat


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