Dear Customer,

At Anawalt Lumber Co., we realize how vitally important it is to conserve our environment. The following principles help to guide us in our purchases and policies.

We are committed to purchasing lumber from forest product companies that employ sustained yield harvesting plans and environmentally sound practices. Currently there are two independent organizations that certify that these practices take effect, SFI and FSC. The majority of the lumber we stock is certified by one of these organizations.

  • We carry environment friendly products wherever possible.

  • We recycle and encourage the use of materials and products with recycled content.

  • We conserve natural resources by using energy wisely and seek further opportunities to improve the resource efficiency of our stores.

  • We comply with environmental laws and maintain programs and procedures to ensure compliance.

  • We are committed to minimizing the environmental health and safety risk for our associates and our customers.

  • We train our employees to enhance understanding of environmental issues and policies and to promote excellence in job performance and all environmental matters.


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